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Featured Websites

Each month a different website is featured on the AERN home page. These are websites that are interesting or useful for the entrepreneur seeking to start or expand a small business in Alabama. Featured websites from the past months are gathered here for you to review.

Featured website for September 2014

Extending Credit

This site offers legal information and resources to help with the day-to-day processes of extending credit.

Featured website for August 2014

OSHA Small Business
Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Information for small business owners from the U.S. Dept. of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Featured website for July 2014

How to Find the Best Location
Entrepreneur Magazine

Get advice on choosing a location, including 22 important questions to ask about the sites you're considering.

Featured website for June 2014

Starting Your Business
Business Owner's Toolkit

Explore what it takes to be a small business owner and get your planning started.

Featured website for May 2014

Commercial Real Estate

This site offers resources and information on selecting a location, making the buy-or-lease decision, and more.

Featured website for April 2014

Insure U for Small Business
Natl Assn of Insurance Commissioners

This site is designed to help the small business owner learn more about insurance. The several sections cover many types of insurance and provide tips on reducing both risks and costs.


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