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Featured Websites

Each month a different website is featured on the AERN home page. These are websites that are interesting or useful for the entrepreneur seeking to start or expand a small business in Alabama. Featured websites from the past months are gathered here for you to review.

Featured website for February 2016

How to Find and Work With Suppliers

This article gives advice on identifying suppliers and making the most of your relationship.

Featured website for January 2016

How to Raise and Lower Your Prices

Eventually your prices must change. How much? What's the best timing? Learn more in this article.

Featured website for December 2015

When to Hire a Bookkeeper or Accountant

When do you need to bring in an expert instead of doing it yourself? And which kind? This article explains.

Featured website for November 2015

How to Budget Your Own Salary

How much should you pay yourself? This article gives tips and a handy worksheet.

Featured website for October 2015

IRS Virtual Workshop
Internal Revenue Service

This online workshop uses videos to teach small business owners what they need to know about their federal taxes.

Featured website for September 2015

What's Your Signage?
New York State Small Business Development Center

Subtitled "How Signs Can Help Your Small Business," this site gives many tips to consider whan planning and purchasing signs to represent your business.


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