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Featured Websites

Each month a different website is featured on the AERN home page. These are websites that are interesting or useful for the entrepreneur seeking to start or expand a small business in Alabama. Featured websites from the past months are gathered here for you to review.

Featured website for January 2015

How to Start a Business Budget
Inc. Magazine

Learn why your business needs a budget and how to put one together.

Featured website for December 2014

Your Business Image: Ten Ways to Build and Market It

Learn tactics for marketing your business that can be used instead of expensive advertising.

Featured website for November 2014

Choosing the Right Business Record-Keeping System

This helpful web page discusses the pro's and con's of manual and computerized record-keeping systems.

Featured website for October 2014

Accounting Terms Every Businessperson Should Know

This handy glossary gives definitions of common accounting and financial terms in plain English.

Featured website for September 2014

Extending Credit

This site offers legal information and resources to help with the day-to-day processes of extending credit.

Featured website for August 2014

OSHA Small Business
Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Information for small business owners from the U.S. Dept. of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration.


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