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Some small business owners view insurance as if it were some form of tax. They recognize that it is necessary but consider it burdensome. However, used correctly, insurance can contribute to the overall success of your business by reducing the uncertainties under which your business operates. It can also reduce employee turnover, improve your credit rating, and help keep your business operating in case of adverse circumstances. The importance of good insurance management is far too important to overlook.

Please discuss your insurance needs with the agent of your choice, as soon as possible.

Insurance Checklist:

  1. Fire and Extended Coverage Insurance

  2. Automobile Truck Insurance

  3. Business Interruption Insurance

  4. Glass Insurance

  5. Group Life Insurance

  6. Group Health Insurance

  7. Retirement Income

  8. Employee Benefit Coverage

  9. Liability Insurance

  10. Worker's Compensation

  11. Crime Insurance

  12. Rent Insurance

  13. Business Life

  14. Disability Insurance

  15. "Key-Man" Insurance

  16. Boiler & Machinery Insurance

Your agent will be able to provide detailed explanations for these and other types of coverage.

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