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Key Tax Numbers

Federal Employer Identification Tax Number

Every person who pays wages to one or more employees and who has not previously secured an identification number must file with the Internal Revenue Service for an employer identification number. The application must be filed by those who wish to pay wages on or before the seventh day after the date which business begins. The federal employer identification number will also be needed on Alabama tax forms. To obtain a federal identification tax number contact:

Internal Revenue
801 Tom Martin Dr.
Birmingham, Alabama 35211
Ask for form SS-4

Alabama Sales Tax Number

Anyone who sells tangible personal property to an end user and collects sales tax must have an Alabama sales tax number. To obtain an Alabama sales tax number contact:

Alabama Department of
Central Registration Unit
P.O. Box 327100
Montgomery, Alabama 36132-7100
(334) 242-1170

Alabama Sales Tax Exemption Number

Any business that buys property for resale purposes is entitled to purchase, at wholesale, tax free, the property they resell. Likewise, any business that is involved in the manufacture of an item for sale is able to purchase the raw materials or ingredients for their products tax free at wholesale prices. To do this, the business must acquire an Alabama Sales Tax Exemption number by contacting:

Alabama Department of
Taxpayer Service Center
P.O. Box 2467
Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35403-2467
(205) 759-2571

Alabama Income Tax Withholding Number

Any business that hires employees and pays wages needs an Alabama income tax withholding number to hold and remit the taxes withheld to the Department of Revenue. To obtain an Alabama income tax withholding number contact:

Alabama Department of
Individual and Corporate Tax Division
Withholding Tax Section
P.O. Box 327480
Montgomery, Alabama 36132
(334) 242-1300

Unemployment Compensation Tax Number

The unemployment compensation tax number is needed in the event that an injury is incurred by someone in your company. This number is used for identification purposes when a report is filed with the Department of Industrial Relations. To obtain an unemployment compensation tax number contact:

Alabama State Department of Industrial Relations-
Industrial Relations Building
Attn: Status Unit
649 Monroe Street, Rm. 416
Montgomery, Alabama 36131-4200
(334) 242-8830

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